Monday, September 27, 2010

One Recurring Thought

My one recurring thought this week:

I hope and I hope and I hope some more that Gigi will grow up getting a natural high - that rush of excitement, click your heels type of feeling - when she serves other people, and that she will crave the feeling often enough to live her life in kindness and helpfulness.


Prouses said...

Are you kidding? With parents like you guys, there's no way to escape it! You guys are awesome examples of the right way to give service. We for sure appreciate all you've done for our family.

The Kammeyers said...

What a wonderful thought to have recurring, Metta! Tonight in the baby blessing we had for our son it was mentioned that he always have charity and the desire to be truly kind in his life. Such important attributes! :)

GREAT picture of father & his baby girl! Thanks for sharing.

Also, you seem to be always so chock full of mothering advice! Always great to read. Enjoy the rest of your week! :)

Tay said...

Finding joy in helping others gives our life meaning. And it makes the tougher times a little easier to handle. Gigi has great role models for this generosity.