Monday, June 21, 2010

Snapshot: 2 Months

Two months is one sixth of a year, and time is flying by way too fast! Although Gigi's birth seems ages ago, it is nevertheless astonishing to us that she could be so big now.

Here is what being two months old looks like in the life of Gigi (I think she wears it rather well):
  • Gigi likes to smile and interact with people. Although she doesn't belly laugh yet, she makes gurgley giggling noises and little happy squeaks.

  • During the day, Gigi is very alert and present right after a feeding. After about half an hour of play she begins to get fussy and tired. After swaddling her tightly and giving her a binkie and a little snuggle, she generally sleeps well until she wakes up wanting to eat. Although technically I feed her on demand instead of a rigid schedule, her own system is almost like clockwork: she starts to wake up to eat every three hours, right on the dot.
  • At night, Gigi is sleeping about 7 or 8 hours straight. Right now she is 10 weeks old, and it was at about 8 weeks that she started doing marathons through the night. Since we're night owls, I try to feed her around midnight so that she lets us sleep until it is time to wake up. Sometimes external influences throw off her routine, but we consider each day after a restful night as a gift to be enjoyed!
  • Gigi is, and has been thus far, a text-book baby. Having a newborn is not easy for anyone, but having her be somewhat predictable has helped us tremendously with the adjustment.
  • Gigi has a set of lungs: boy, can that girl holler! Luckily, she generally reserves her yelling for legitimate reasons, such as being hungry, or being in discomfort because of a lodged air bubble. Two things she seems not to be bothered by are full diapers and being too cold. I am surprised by how un-phased she is by physical discomfort.
  • Physically, Gigi is a big deal. At our check-up last week she weighed 12 lbs. 11 oz. (about 85th percentile) and she is just over 23 inches long (90th percentile). Her eyelashes are long and curly (yay, Daddy's genes!) and her chins give us a lot to nibble on.
She's a perfect addition to our family!

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Elizabeth said...

Metts...THANK YOU!!! That was just too precious!!! :)