Sunday, June 13, 2010

By Loving Hands

Giovanna is one lucky girl. She has received beautiful quilts from special women who love her. I was taking photographs of them the other day to record what they look like before years of snuggle-loving catch up with them, and it occurred to me that these are too pretty not to share.

The first was made by my mom with the help of her friend Emilei. My mom does not have extensive experience with sewing, so I was impressed with her determination to make something special for her granddaughter. We love the pattern, and especially the Japanesey flair of the butterfly and flowers material!

This next quilt was made by our friend Susan who now lives in North Carolina with her sweet family, after transplanting from Hawaii just a year or so before we moved here. They have since become part of our extended family, and we LOVE having them so close. Susan made this quilt with beautiful Hawaiian prints, and it reminds me to make sure Gigi grows up knowing her Hawaiian heritage even though we may not be able to afford to live there for a very long time.

And last but not least, my Auntie Katy just sent this gorgeous quilt from Portland, OR. She has impeccable taste for things with a bit of funk, and her collection of vintage fabrics make my heart sing: circus prints, chickens and roosters, and little dutch boys with sailboats? So, so cool. The quilting is also very unique: she found a computerized machine that makes a variety of designs, and she chose these big flowers and swirls to finish off the effect.

Giovanna will spend the next few years of her life wrapped in warm, love-filled quilts as she sleeps, and I hope that her dreams will be as sweet.

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