Saturday, June 26, 2010

Preventive Care

This morning I woke up to Marcos coming home from an early morning run to Trader Joe's. He was carrying a bouquet of gorgeous summer flowers, and announced that he had brought home chocolate yogurt parfaits, a loaf of ciabatta bread and brie cheese for breakfast. Apparently, when he made it to the register at TJ's, the cashier asked him if he was in the dog house this week. Marcos replied, "Nope! This is preventive care!"

The cashier was still laughing as Marcos left the store.

Preventive care? I like that.


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

Marcos por favor go back to TJ and get me some flowers and I also need some milk and bananas. I'm totally out of food in my house but the babies can survive with bananas and Chris on milk and I on flowers.


preventive care is genius by the way.

Elizabeth said...

Simply L.O.V.E it!!! :)