Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The skinny on Waldorf Education

I grew up in the Honolulu Waldorf School, and after 12 years of loving school so much that I would pretend I was well when I was sick just so that I wouldn't miss a day of learning and socializing, I was very happy to find the Emerson Waldorf School just ten minutes down the road from us, nestled outside of Chapel Hill.

Art by Ted Mahle

This week I gave myself the task of finding somewhere local to volunteer for the next three months. After searching through agencies such as the local Red Cross and Project Homeless Connect, I decided to look at the Emerson Waldorf School's website to see if they were in need of volunteers, and I came across this slideshow:

Emerson Waldorf School Slideshow

Perhaps this is just a shameless plug for Waldorf Education, but so be it! Apparently a photographer did a portrait of a year in the life of the Emerson Waldorf School, and the school did a stellar job of incorporating the photography and little blurbs about Waldorf Education and how the arts and music etc. fit into the pedagogy so seamlessly. In any case, it is information and eye candy mixed into one, so enjoy!


Abbie said...

So, about Well Behaved Women... ( I would email you but I don't have your email address). I think it might be okay. I read it in June, so it was awhile ago. I remember it was a lot more tame than I thought it would be. It basically shows how amazing women are and how much they can do. I think I remember it kind of being not-so-pro stay-at-home mothering, but it wasn't directly. I think...

Oh, Metta, I wish I remembered better if there was questionable, possibly offensive stuff. But really I think it might open some eyes without being offensive (and I think I would remember clearly if there was some not so good stuff). But I don't get offended easily by literature because I choose wisely - educational books that take about truth not nasty sex stuff. But I do get offended by stupid nasty movies.

Anyway, hope this was helpful.

P.S. this is my goodreads review:

This book makes me proud to be a woman. It shows: you don't have to be a man-hater or childless to be a feminist, and that woman are incredibly strong (duh). It also made me proud to be apart of the Relief Society - a very functional, powerful, inspired women's organization.

Hope this helps.

Headle said...

That was a really neat slideshow! It doesn't surprise me at all to see you so immersed in beautiful things. You have a wonderful way of doing that! :)