Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Nesting Time!

Some babies get their own rooms, and some babies get corners of rooms. Giovanna will be in the latter category. Sorry, girlfriend, but we haven't yet made our first million.

Months ago, after browsing through the internet and noticing how ridiculously expensive baby cribs and crib bedding are, Marcos and I decided that if we started early, kept our eyes open, and waited patiently, we would end up saving a lot of money on baby things.

And then right before Christmas it all sort of came together. This is how we fared:

  • Italian Pali brand crib, crib sheet and mattress, all in amazing condition: $100 for all (Craigslist)
  • Pale lime green elephant print bumper and matching striped dust ruffle, in perfect condition: $7.50 (thrift store)
  • Radical crib canopy: priceless (okay, $19.99 at Ikea)

The walls in Giovanna's corner are still barren, and I haven't yet added the great handmade decorations we got as Christmas gifts (thanks Linds!), but on the night the crib was put together, I made this wall board as an attempt to soften the blow of the mismatchiness of the white baby dresser we were gifted by friends, the cherry wood color of the crib, and the black metal of our bed frame. I found this cork board for a dollar at the thrift store (I loved the blue background), fished out the vintage postcards we collected along our Europe trip, and used my sewing pins to attach them in a simple pattern. It makes such a difference. Who knew?

And so, with some successful purchases under our belt and the process of outfitting our home for a baby well underway, we are ready to sit back, keep our eyes open, and wait patiently for the rest of the pieces to fall into place.

Extra carseat? Anyone?


TD said...


here is my car seat tip, look for somebody in the ward who has a child around or just over the age of one. At this point the bambino has just out grown the "infant" seat, and so the parents probably have it seating around taking up space and want to lend it to you.

That's what we did...or post on freecycle that you want one and i am sure you could get it for free.

Lauren said...

What thrift store are you shopping at?? Those are amazing finds in my opinion. So creative. I love the postcards especially. I feel my creative juices flowing already.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

this is perfect for you little one specially because she will be sleeping with you guys just happens

Unknown said...

So cute! We haven't really started preparing for our nursery yet. We got a crib but that's about it. Do you want to come over here to shop with me? I need to find some awesome deals because we are too far away from our million dollar!

Tay said...

Your child will have the most important thing to grow up well... Well-adjusted parents.

Headle said...

BEAUTIFUL Metta!! I love everything you've done. The canopy is such a delicate and thoughtful touch. The postcard collage is such a meaningful and stylish addition. Good job!

Prouses said...

Looks totally adorable!! I almost bought the same canopy for Bella, but decided it just wasn't pink enough :{