Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Does this belly make me look... fat?

Today Marcos and I went to my monthly prenatal appointment with the midwives. I have been eating a lot of food lately (mostly healthy), so I was really proud of the 11 pound weight gain since the last appointment. However the midwife reminded me that the more I put on, the more I have to take off after Giovanna pops out, because she's not going to take 50 pounds with her when she exits. The midwife asked about my eating habits and told me to watch the "empty" calories (how can I help it if Giovanna has a real craving for chocolate?). Having intentionally lived a life devoid of spending any time caring about calories, I found this a little extreme until we were on the way home and I remembered reading somewhere that at this point, 1-2 pounds a week is a healthy weight gain. Oh yeah.

But secretly, I'm still happy about the 11 pounds. When else will I be allowed to feel good about gaining 11 pounds in one month? I feel like a gold medalist of weight gain.

On a similar note, here are a few of my favorite comments I have heard recently from complete strangers, usually while shopping at the thrift store.
  • Shortly before Christmas, "Oh, are you expecting a Christmas baby?". This little girl isn't due until four major holidays after Christmas...
  • When I told a lady that I wasn't due until April she said, "You look just like me when I was pregnant. I was a WHALE!" Fabulous, thanks, wish we were friends.
  • And this one I get all the time: "There is only one in there?".
I choose to be tickled when people make silly comments because I think my belly is beautiful. I have lived in too many other countries where people's comments about weight are much more offensive, to be bothered much by comments about a pregnant belly.


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

your belly is beautiful. I'm glad you think so too.

there is always exercise later.


post-partum bodies are the worst. you'll love having comments where people ask if you're pregnant even though you have a new born on your arms.

my fav of all time was this dude that saw me in story time at the library the week before maria was born and then a week after she was born. Instead of saying something nice about the baby he said that he resentd women because it didn't seem fair that pregnant women could loose like 20 lbs or so in a week. DUDE, giving birth to a 9lb baby+placenta is not a fun way to loose weight.

don't worry, I totally told him that to his face.

Prouses said...

You know... I never really cared when people made comments. I mean really? What do they know? What bothered me more was the touching, esp. by complete strangers, but they were mostly old ladies, so I couldn't yell at them too much. OH, but then I got that t-shirt that said look but don't touch. :]

Abbie said...

Your belly is beautiful! It makes me want another. And you're right, what other time in your life can you gain weight like this and it's for a good reason?

Robbie said...

Right on, metta. When else can you so proudly gain weight? And hopefully with Giovanna's awesome nursing skills, most of it will melt off in 6 months. Then you'll just be stuck with 10 pounds that don't want to go anywhere! Oh wait, that's just me! But if I keep my extra ten pounds, maybe with the next pregnancy I'll only gain 30 instead of 40. :) Everyone's different, but I must say that you are looking ripe and ready for the harvest. tee hee. Stay in there, though, Giovanna! You know you still have a few more months, despite what everyone else says!
Da--I can't believe that guy!

Elizabeth said...

LOVED IT Metts!!!!! You & GiGi ROCK!!!!! :)

Headle said...

Your belly is gorgeous. I love that picture! That is one happy little girl in there :)

SiN CiTy StRoBeHnS said...

Eat what makes you happy! :] The belly is a thing of beauty and it by itself is a great trophy :]
I am so excited for you!
It is so funny the things stangers say to pregnant ladies! have they tried geussing the sex by the position of the baby yet? they will. :]