Thursday, May 28, 2009

Swapping shoes and I love yous

Last night we went over to our friends the Hill's home, to help them pack some boxes in preparation for their move next week. As we were winding things down at the end of the evening, Marcos put on my slippers to run outside with Jason for a moment, and left his own tennis shoes at the door because they were a bit cumbersome to pull on. When Kim, their two-year old daughter Kinsey and I came to the door a minute later, it took us a moment to realize that my slippers were missing because Marcos had switched his out for mine. After a minute he returned, we swapped shoes, and went home.

Today we received an email from Kim that cracked us up! It read,

"So today Kinsey was talking about you guys coming over last night. This is what she said...

Kinsey-'Marcos stole Metta's shoes and ran away.'
Me-'He came back though, huh.'
Kinsey-'Yes, because I love him.'
Kinsey-'Marcos is cute.'

Thanks again for all your help!"

There is some very cute competition for me over here in Chapel Hill...

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Prouses said...

Don't let Bella know about this... she will not be happy to know that marcos is cheating on her... LOL