Friday, May 1, 2009

King Korven turns one

Blogs are often improved by pictures of babies and small children. Since we don't have either, we may sometimes see the need to borrow moments with other people's children just to keep you readers satisfied.

Meet King Korven, and his first birthday party. Drew and Alicia haven't posted anything yet, so I'll refrain from giving away details, but some of the images I brought up on the computer when we got home are just too cute not to share.

Unfortunately, my camera battery died just prior to the real mess. It was Korven's first exposure to the amazingness of chocolate and cake, and by the end he was so tired that those sticky chocolaty fists were rubbing his eyes in exhaustion. When he looked up, his entire face was brown, except for his baby blues peering up under his eyelashes caked with... well, cake.

P.S. Just kidding. Drew and Alicia just posted a blog entry, and I stole this photo to finish off the cake eating image series...

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Drew and Alicia said...

I'm so glad you guys were there to share his special day with!