Friday, May 15, 2009

Graduation weekend, Part 3

University of North Carolina Commencement Exercises. This took place on Sunday morning, May 10th, and it was clear that the occasion was more geared towards the undergraduates than us graduate students, but I am glad that we went. Here are the six students from my program who showed up for the third and final event of graduation weekend.

The Commencement Exercises were held in Kenan Stadium, which is the home of our football games. The undergraduates at UNC wear Carolina blue robes, and here is the beginning of their procession down the bleachers.

Fortunately, the graduate students had seats front and center down on the grass. Here is Jason Hill during our processional. The band was playing some nostalgic graduation song.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu was our Commencement Speaker. He has been an active fighter for peace, and racial and social justice in South Africa.

Sunday was Mother's Day, and some of the undergraduates had come prepared. The signs say, "We love our moms". Below is the Clef Hangers singing James Taylor's "Carolina in my Mind". James Taylor is a native of NC, and the Clef Hangers did a great rendition of the song.

After the last shabang, the band continued to play, and everyone was very occupied, so Jason and I walked around and took pictures near the stage.

A common scene this weekend: Marcos, dad, Emili and my mom waiting patiently for me to finish chatting, taking pictures, etc. Dad and Emili, thank you so much for driving down to celebrate graduation with us! Please come again soon.


Robbie said...

Great pics! I love your alma mater's light blue color. :) You look so great and I'm very proud of you. And although Social Work is the only thing you are an official "master" of, I have to say that you are definitely a master singer, writer, laugher :), artist, and optimist, just to name a few!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

Desmond TUTU for REAL? woah I wish i could have been there. I've read so much of his work.

Elizabeth said...

Those sandals look sooo SEXY on you!!!! :) You're beautiful!!! :)