Friday, May 15, 2009

Graduation weekend, Part 2

The last post featured photos from the Saturday morning Master of Social Work Hooding Ceremony. This post, Part 2, is another series of pictures, this time from the friends and family party Kim and Marcos organized for Saturday afternoon.

Meet our entire (mainly) Family Home Evening group, past and present (and future, as you can see). From the left is Kokoro, Chris and baby Ren Angell, who came back to UNC from Berkeley, so that Chris could join his Ph.D. in physics cohort as they walked at graduation last weekend. Next over is Marcos and me, and then Alicia Whittier and Korven (Drew is M.I.A., as are the Heatons). Then Nick and Nicole Empey, and last but not least, Kim, Kinsey and Jason Hill. Jason just graduated with me from the School of Social Work.

A few months ago I was telling a friend at school about our Family Home Evening group that meets every Monday night, and she looked at me incredulously, "You meet with the same people every week?! Doesn't that get boring?" Not in the slightest!

Kim and Kokoro looking pretty. Yay for Kim's mom, who came from New Mexico for graduation, and made this UNC cake. WOW!

Nick and Nicole. We'll be celebrating like this again in about... three or four years when Nick finishes up his Ph.D. program. Below is Emili, who is the world's best helper, with her busy hands and incredible hostessing skills.

Chris with his 6-month old son Ren. Below is Jason and his mom, who also came out from New Mexico. We grilled shoyu chicken (this recipe just needs to be shared soon, it's so good...), bar-b-que chicken, and Marcos made Greek shish kabobs with steak and summer veggies. Mmmmm....

King Korven (1), and little Kinsey (2 1/2).

When the Angells were still in Chapel Hill, this was the kiddo trio. Saturday's party was the first time these three have been reunited in five months.

Interestingly, Ren is half of Korven's age, but a few pounds heavier (each guy hits the opposite end of the spectrum). Korven decided to test out Ren's rolls by sinking his six new teeth into Ren's back. It didn't initially go across so well, but they made up.

Chris and Kokoro, we loved having you out for graduation! Come back soon!

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