Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sweet Dreams Tonight

Not only did we see our FIRST FEW SNOWFLAKES today but we also have a new addition to the Prieto household: a real bed!

A less well-known fact about us is that we have never owned a bed, in the year and a half that we have been married. We invested in a fabulous air mattress right before our wedding that we thought would be great for the first few months of marriage, and I guess we were never uncomfortable enough to make it worth our while to move on.

But there's a time and a season for everything. Here's our bedroom with its new set-up: a smidgen bachelor-pad-esque, but we've been hesitant to commit wall decor to this room for some reason. Doesn't that bed look comfortable? Stay tuned for the updates: one of my next projects is to make new curtains, and Pullock the left wall. Just kidding. But really? We are so excited for a good nights sleep...

Marcos' desk for I-work-at-home purposes, our palacial closet, and mini-bookshelf; another view of the bed.

Our interesting corner. (Eek! We've been exposed! Notice that we actually use a large rustic bookshelf for our clothes! Maybe the next new addition to the Prieto house will be a proper dresser! Nahhh).


Marie said...

Yeah, Metta!! Congrats. I'm so excited for you guys. Even though I loved the air mattress, that thing was like a trusted and trusting friend. And I did think you guys were the coolest couple ever for sleeping on an air mattress for a year and a half.

Well, I will say it, I still think you guys are the coolest couple ever for about a hundred reasons, but mostly because you are our family.

Happy Sleeping.

TD said...

Hurray! you two are so much like a younger version of gavin and favorite is the pink feather boa next to the practical umbrella! love you both, td

Alison said...

Metta! you remember me right? i am that weird girl that visited Nicole and Nick a few months ago. so i have been reading your blog and i love it! i kind of feel like you are a professional blogger. i am a little jealous. so blog away!! btw, that is me on nicole's blog as a vampire. (that is me bragging a little. i know you know who i am :))