Friday, November 7, 2008

Friends in High Places

In my life I've often thought about the phrase "friends in high places" and concluded that I don't have any. I'm not on intimate terms with anyone who has extraordinary wealth or power, and those two concepts have always been the foundation of my understanding of the term "high places".

And then recently, my paradigm shifted. A friend told me that her hens were laying like crazy, and that she was going out of town, and... would I come over and take some eggs? I was so excited. As I was walking to my car with a carton of fresh brown eggs a few hours later, it struck me that indeed, I have a lot of friends in high places: they may not have exceeding power or wealth, but I am on intimate terms with many people who are talented, generous, resourceful, spiritual and wise. I have just been defining "high places" wrongly all these years...


Prouses said...

Hey Prietinhos! Que legal. Gostei de ler seus posts, agora tem que da uma olhada na nossa :)

melandpeter said...

WE LOVE YOU GUYS! Great to read your blog. You put us and our ordinary blog to shame!
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