Monday, November 3, 2008

Get out and VOTE!

For three weeks now Marcos and I have had a note on our calendar for Tuesday, November 4th: "Obama wins!". After staying up late for the past few months watching rallies, debates, interviews, and even the SNL spoofs, it is clear to us that Obama is level-headed, thoughtful, insightful, intelligent, direct and genuine, and that he will make a great President.

However, regardless of your political leaning this election season, please get it together tomorrow and participate in one of the most exciting and historical elections of your life! Remember that voting straight ticket (a box you can check that will automatically select all democrats or all republicans) does NOT include voting for president, so don't forget to bubble in your presidential choice!

In celebration, Marcos and I are going to an election party tomorrow night and we are SO excited! There will be prizes for those who bring the most accurate electoral maps filled out, and we will watch the results come in and play election games! Woo-hoo for democracy!

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