Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween on Franklin Street

Anyone who knows Chapel Hill, North Carolina knows that downtown Franklin Street is a zoo on Halloween night. Both this year and last year, Marcos and I went downtown to check out the madness, and take pictures and watch the parading goons. Last year about 80,000 people came to Franklin Street dressed up or just to watch the colorful mess of costumes, but this year the town launched a strategic plan for keeping the party to a reasonable size (= keep out the Duke Students), and it worked: only 35,000 showed up on Franklin Street this year. With a security/law enforcement crew of 400 lining Franklin Street and barring weapons, etc. from getting into the one-night pedestrian zone, it actually felt quite safe... although 9 people were taken to UNC hospitals for intoxication-related issues, so there is still some room for improvement.

I'm actually not sure what these guys are supposed to be, but I loved the Pippy wigs. You'll notice that the majority of these photos are of men. I didn't notice I was taking only pictures of men until I was at home looking at the pictures on the computer. My two theories of why I unknowingly took mainly pictures of men are: 1) As a woman I felt more comfortable asking men if I could take their picture, and 2) many women let out their inner floozie on Halloween night, and I wasn't really interested in pictures of their costumes.

Convincingly German!

Look at the joy people radiate when I ask them for their picture! People really get into character!

Yay! Marcos shaking hands with our next President, Barack Obama! We voted for YOU!

Just to give you a taste...

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TD said...

Metta, not sure if you are aware but the photo of the two men in yellow and blue superhero's are posing as the "Ambiguously Gay Duo" From Saturday Night Live. Anyway, it looks like a total hoot.