Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Pai!

Grande e Eu (pois era assim que ele sempre o chamava...)
I love you Dad. You are my friend, my teacher, my inspiration. I am honored to be your son and to have watched you closely all these years (I'm sure you were doing the same). I have learned so many things from you! I consider myself a better husband because of how you constantly demonstrate your affection and respect for mom. I believe I am a better leader because you taught me that being a leader means being in a position to serve and also to teach those around me so that they can also have opportunities to serve and become better leaders too. I know that I am a better son to our Heavenly Father because you took the time to teach me by word and mostly by example how to trust in him, lean into his understanding and to obey his commandments.

Eu te amo Pai! Feliz Aniversário!! Parabéns!!!

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Marie said...

Marcos, What a beautiful tribute to Dad. We are all better people because of him. And we're lucky he's our dad!