Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Well-behaved women rarely make history

...And yet, it happened to me. Folks, get excited, I'm famous in a small kind of way! A few weeks ago I suggested using some magical ingredients for a pie in a comment on a foodie blog that my friend Damaris owns. Today I checked her blog and saw my own name: she featured my suggestion in her most recent entry! Visit her well-known blog for the entry entitled "Metta Pie - I am now ready for Monday", featuring a recipe that will welcome you into the holidays! If pumpkin, cream cheese and dulce de leche sound good to you, check out the new dessert idea as an addition to your usual Thanksgiving fare. Thanks Damaris for turning the dreams of one stomach into a living reality!


nicole said...

Congratulations! Someday I'll make history too.

Hope your presentation went well. =)

Marie said...

Cool, Metta! That's exciting. And that recipe sounds so so so yummy. Could you make up something yummy to get me going every day of the week?!