Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Breathing deeply...

I love the fall. I love the weather getting cooler, and I love the seasonal produce turning into squashes and zucchini, cabbage and citrus fruits. I love the leaves changing colors and the excuse to make herbal tea at night. I love hazelnut hot chocolate and pumpkin bread at Starbucks for a quick date night with Marcos. I love intramural volleyball season with friends, and holiday festivities at church. I love dreaming of a few weeks from now, when school will be over for the semester and I will have a chance to be creative with abandon and unleash the domestic Goddess inside. I love Thanksgiving at dad's house, I love preserving electricity by snuggling with Marcos, and I love the spices that appear during the fall: cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. And I even love the things that remind us that we're poor: I love that we have no central heating and that our home is cold in the morning, and I love standing in front of the space heater to dry my hair after I shower. And I love carving pumpkins!

This is the our pumpkin. Marcos and I won him at a School of Social Work picnic for the water balloon toss, so he has some sentimental value in our home. Adding a face really brought out his personality.

Here's the lineup... Baby Pumpkin Whittier, Empey, Prieto and Hill...

Drew and Alicia's masterpiece. They said that they like big mouths, and they cannot lie.

The monkey is the traditional Empey Birthday Monkey. He is a scream!

Kim cracked me up when she chose to do the UNC symbol. When it comes down to it, we all care very minimally about college sports, but I guess she's been feeling pressure from her brother who's at Duke law school to have feelings about the subject... Go Tarheels!

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