Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fatigued by the Palin-drone...

For someone as politically "moderate" as I am on many issues, Sarah Palin's recent acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention successfully pushed me farther away from the McCain/Palin vote. Listening to her speech was one of the most painful things I have done this year.

A few months ago when Hillary and Barak were debating for the place of Democratic Presidential nominee, Marcos and I watched in awe as Hillary used all of the Washington-esque political darts on Barak and he refused to play her games. At that time Marcos and I would just look at each other and cringe at how embarrassing it was to watch her continue to play cheap games, while Barak would basically just stand by and give her that "can-we-get-on-to-the-real-issues?" look.

But that did not prepare us for Sarah Palin's speech a few days ago. I never would have imagined that a vice-presidential nominee would use as much sarcasm and negative focus on the opponent as a way of uniting a party, rather than building up her own platform and vying for change. Sadly, it reminded me of petty women without confidence who put other people down in the attempt to lift themselves up. After all that, I walked away from her speech without any clear picture of what sort of change she wants to make in the whitehouse. As a woman, I must say that at first I was intrigued by McCain's choice in running mate, but now I am simply disappointed.

And for all those who laughed at Palin's jokes about Barak being just a "community organizer" and then secretly wondered what a community organizer was, I found a very interesting response to her speech. It is a blog that community organizers created, in order to explain what they do and the importance of their job. Click here to read about the job of a community organizer, and some of the interesting comments that were left in response to their statement. It sheds light on the profession, and puts Barak's approach to the presidential candidacy in perspective.

To quote one of the comments on the Community Organizer page, "Jesus was a community organizer, and Pilate was a governor..."


Collin said...

Write in Romney,

problem solved.

TD said...

Love it! That post was AWESOME, and love