Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Carrboro Farmer's Market

Today after work I met some friends at the Farmer's Market in downtown Carrboro. Carrboro is Chapel Hill's progressive next-door hippie town, known for it's flavorful night life, live music, bike trails, thrift stores, and Farmer's Market.

As far as narrative about the excursion, my words are few: it was a market, and there were farmers. But the produce, ohhh how beautiful... When I went through my photos after my visit, it looked like someone had clicked the "saturation" button too many times, because the freshness of the produce makes for such radiant pictures. Not only are market vegetables healthier and much tastier than store-bought veggies, but they are more beautiful too...

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TD said...

Okay..i love your blog. Please don't be nervous about it. The photo on top is enormous fun...who took it? Anyway, i took a fast glance at this new outlet of yours and give you two BIG thumbs up. Do you do facebook?