Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Talent (or Un-talent) Show

Every Monday night we have Family Home Evening with a group of our friends. Most of us are young couples without kids and are fairly new to the area, so we morphed it into a happenin' social event and I think it's pretty safe to say that it's become a highlight of the week for all of us.

Our group started out small (three couples), and it was manageable to rotate through the assignments of preparing lessons, activities and refreshments for afterwards. At our last tally however, we were up to 14 people. Hmmm... is it time to do some social engineering and split the group? Very sad thought.

Happy thought again: this week we did a talent show. It was per my request, and with the response of groans it was only right to make it a talent/un-talent show. For example, I demonstrated (decked out in a pink boa) how to fold a fitted sheet. Marcos juggled and shared his monkey face. Actually, I was really impressed that everyone came with something to share, and it was funny, impressive, and overall really enjoyable!

Nick was a rock star in high school. He was very cool then, and he is still very cool. He sang a song he wrote, and rapped for us.

Nicole did the Jiggly Puff song. For people like me who grew up in a Waldorf School and wouldn't know the Jiggly Puff song if it hit me in the ear, I loved it for what it was, but all of the knowledgable people said that she sounded just like the real Jiggly Puff.

Jason's talent was coaching Kinsey as she counted to ten. At some point she caught stage fright and we had to bust out the cookies as incentive, but she reached "four" before grinding to a halt. Apparently, he's also taught her to count to ten in Spanish!

Kokoro made black ink and demonstrated her skill in Japanese calligraphy. After doing the character pictured here (which means moon, or month), she showed us the character for her son's name when he's born, which is "Ren", or "purified by fire".

My boyfriend is really handsome. It's amazing to me that when I first met him I didn't have that impression at all. Love really does great things; either he's getting handsomer and handsomer every day, or my eyes keep readjusting. Here he is with the Whittier's baby Corvin, looking like a natural...

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