Friday, January 11, 2013


In the year that got squeezed between me finishing graduate school and having little Miss Giovanna join our family, I worked a jog for my friends Rebecca Mudrick and Dena Robles at Darling Art photography, which was run out of the downstairs office of the Mudrick home.  Even all of these years later, I can't hear the theme song to the Diane Rehm show, or read through a Barefoot Contessa recipe without being transported back to the Mudrick kitchen and a lot of great memories.  So much sunshine, and flowers, and warm people to work with.

And the warmth continues.  Although Rebecca and her clan were called to greener pastures in Columbus, Ohio a few summers years ago, Rebecca visited in November for a solo weekend in Chapel Hill about ten days after Orion was born.  Could we be any luckier?  These are a few of the images she caught of us on a Saturday afternoon.

I knew that Rebecca had a gift, but these images made our heart skip a beat.  Thank you so much, dear Rebecca, for sharing your love and talents with our family!  

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Rebecca said...

Love your sweet family! I'm hoping to finish the rest of the photos this week before we head south (and even stop in Chapel Hill for a day late next week!!!). xoxo