Thursday, November 1, 2012

Waller Family Farm

The week I resigned from work we had some serious field trips to enjoy.  A tour of the Waller Family Farm was up first, with Farmer Mark.  We've done U-picking in past years at his strawberry field, so it was interesting to hear about the strawberry planting process, and to visit with his animals.  This is us being patient while we wait for the group of friends to gather so that we can head out onto the farm.

Gigi has a buddy named Isaac.  He is 6, and likes to look out for her and make sure that she's in line.  They were pretty fun during Farmer Mark's tour.

I learned a lot about farm animals during the tour.  Who knew that horns on a cow's head has nothing to do with gender, and everything to do with breed?  It blew my mind.  All this time I thought that horns were separating girls from boys.  Not so!

My mom came with us, which was fun as usual.  She likes to join us on family outings when she is available, and it adds a lot to our life.  Gigi loves her Tutu, and it is so helpful to have an extra pair of hands on deck when I'm trying to take photos or just don't have enough energy to run after Gigi.  She's very responsive to my instructions, about 30% of the time.

And then there was the nudy chapter of the tour.  Towards the end of the farm tour Gigi stood in a fire ant hill and my motherly instincts kicked in and stripped her down to get the buggers off of her before they did too much damage.  The only time she complained about the ants was when she was initially crying.  I, on the other hand, have been suffering from my bites for the past few weeks.  Those things are terrible!  The things we do for our children...

And Gigi got to pick out a pumpkin too!  What a great guy, that Farmer Mark.

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JDS said...

:-) well at least she still matched when the pants came off ;-)