Friday, November 2, 2012

Belle is here!

In the middle of all of this Halloween holiday hubbub, we took a break last Saturday and had brunch out with our family!  We are not only lucky enough to have Marcos' mom Vitoria with us, but now we have his sister Elizabeth as well.  She is visiting us from Sao Paulo until the beginning of December, and it's been so fun to have a sister in the house!  She makes Gigi giggle endlessly, she is upbeat and fun to be with, and partnered with Mamãe they make an incredibly dynamic duo around the house.  I try to thank them every day for their help, but I don't think I can thank them enough for helping to keep our home together.  With my energy level where it is, it has been a real blessing to have a lot of hands on deck caring for Gigi, cooking and keeping our home presentable and clean.

In case you were wondering, we had brunch at Breadmen's in Chapel Hill.  If you ever visit us, please remind me to take you there!  I am still dreaming about the potato, sausage and feta cheese omelette I had, and those home fried potatoes...  Mmmm...

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