Friday, February 17, 2012

Playing House

We have a bar-height stool in our kitchen. The other day Gigi crawled between the legs and said, "Look, Metta! It's a house!" Fabulous. I'm so glad she knows my first name. Thanksmarcos.

Yesterday she went in with her blankies, necklaces, and a few books. It must be so enchanting to have her own little space that she doesn't even seem to care that she gets stuck and can't get out afterwards. Lovely, silly girl.


Kim said...

Kaitlyn routinely yells, "Wake up Jason!" as she eats breakfast. It's a nice way to start our day.

Lauren said...

She is so cute! I love this age when their imagination really starts to kick in. Congrats on the job!

Unknown said...

That's so cute. Addie called us Mike and Rui. But when she says my name, she says more like "Fui" . EIther way, Gigi is so cute.