Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Needed Break

Yesterday was the marathon of workdays for me. I went in at 9am and had an evening event that went until 8pm, so in the early afternoon, Marcos, Mamãe and Gigi rescued me for a mid-day walk in the sun! We walked around the UNC Arboretum enjoying the spring day and the tiny little buds on the trees, and then went for gelato on Franklin Street. It was so refreshing to get outside in the sun, and stretch my legs with my loves.

Marcos' Papai passed away on December 1st, and it has been our privilege to host Mamãe for six weeks as she is traveling to visit family and figure out her life plans from here. It's been such a treat to have her in our home! She has been so helpful with Gigi, adding happiness and wisdom to our lives, watching shows with us late at night and staying up talking and laughing, helping us host our dinner parties, spoiling us with her best cooking, helping us keep toys picked up, and being so respectful and aware of the little routines and nuances of how we've chosen to lead our little family. I feel sorry that our home is small and we can't offer her much privacy, but all that stuff seems unimportant right now when we are living so peaceably with each other. The thought of joining forces in-home with in-laws can be scary for some people, but you should try having Mamãe over! I thought we got lucky when my mom moved to North Carolina, and now we are very doubly blessed.

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