Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pots and Pans

What does your baby do at midnight? What, your baby sleeps?! Well, we're such good parents that our baby stays up to rearrange the pots and pans. We should write a book.

Gigi was having a rough night last night and after a prolonged crying session and a midnight family run to the grocery store for orajel, we figured that if she was happy being awake, we were happy too. She must have decided that while she was up, she might as well give our cupboard a rearrange. She takes this baby job very seriously.


Here is a video of her doing her job, and exploring her voice.


m.a. said...

I love her jammies, Metta! And your blogging voice, it's so wonderful!

Rebecca said...

That girl warms my heart. The picture with her legs sticking out of the cupboard is priceless. Love it all!

becca thayne said...

i love her little "bye bye"--such a smartie!

Prouses said...

Omigoodness!!! I can't believe she's already talking! What a little cutie. I had to click on the pic to see it closer up, because it was just too cute!! And her chubby little piggies.. LOVE HER!

Mike and Rui said...

Wow! You guys are so patient. We don't sacrifice our sleep for Addie's happiness in our home. And, she can say "bye-bye" already!!!