Saturday, January 8, 2011

Food Frenzy

As I have mentioned, we have had a few bumps in the road to "solid" foods. I think most of the problem was me: I love breastfeeding, breastfeeding is quick and easy, I was afraid that she would choke on foods, and letting a baby learn how to eat food is one of the messiest processes ever.

But the good news is, I think that we are rolling! We now have a real food eater.

Foods Gigi likes to eat: squash (butternut and acorn), steamed carrots and zucchini, grated apple, chopped banana and pear, cheerios, plain yogurt, sipping water from a cup, and she will tolerate rice cereal and oat cereal mixed with applesauce. Gigi is a very independent eater, and even now, she does best when we put food on her tray and give her space to eat at her own pace. Sometimes she will let us put things in her mouth with a baby spoon, but most often her reaction is to furrow her brows, and just when the spoon gets to her mouth she blows a raspberry,"ppppppttt!".

Gigi doesn't just like to eat food, it is a totally involved experience. I love Gigi's hair, but I do not love it at eating time. She gets so much food in that mop of hers that I'm half tempted to find a baby sized shower cap for her to wear when she eats! We try to pull it back, but it's a losing battle.

And so just like that, we have entered another phase of Gigi's life. Soon I'll be posting about her walking, and then going to school, driving cars, and then boys.

Let's just say I can wait a few decades to think about that last one.


Kim said...

I'm thinking the boys will come before the cars...sorry to tell you. Apparently at preschool, Kinsey told another boy that she loved him (in her quiet voice) and he told her that he loved her (also in his quiet voice-sneaky little buggers). Then they gave each other two hugs "because we love each other."

Oh my.

melandpeter said...

hehehe. A few decades...that's wishful thinking my dear! xoxo

Unknown said...

Welcome. Welcome. Babies with long hair are so cute but could be frustrating. Addie likes to pull her hair when she eats her food, too. She grab a strand of her hair with her I-just-squeezed-banana hands. It's very lovely. Maybe I'll post a video of her trying to feed herself with a spoon. Good luck!