Sunday, August 29, 2010


"Happy Birthday to yooouuuu, Happy Birthday to yoouuuuu, Happy Birthday to Nick, Danny, Marie, Phillip, Dad, Josh, Kim, Kaitlyn, Jason, Katy, Joshua, and E-mer-son... Happy Birthday to you!".

This summer has been an amazing string of birthday celebrations. From Nick's Pirate Party to Phillip's surprise party at our pool, to Joshua's rained-out but very fun lego themed party, to Kim's birthday weekend trip to the lake shore to Emerson's dinosaur Party, it has been a very eventful summer! Thank you for inviting us to celebrate with you and your children, and we are thankful every day that you were born and that we get to be your friends.

Above: the dinosaur I painted for the "Pin the party hat on the dinosaur" at Emerson's party, and below, Kim's birthday dinner at the uber cool Top of the Hill restaurant in Chapel Hill.


Marie said...

Hi Metta! Thanks for the birthday shout-out you gave to me and Danny! It sounds like you've had a very fun-filled, party-filled month. And look, you've managed to do it all, plus work your 20 hours a week!!!! Way to go! I'm glad you're enjoying your job so well. It sounds really fun.

Prouses said...

No party is complete without you guys! Miss ya'lls