Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The other day, Marcos had a song going through his head for hours on end.

He looked up the song on youtube to try to figure out who sings it and what those darned lyrics were.

It was Feist, and the song was "1, 2, 3, 4". Our favorite version was the one she recorded on Sesame Street.

Gigi heard the song, and we could not peel her eyes from the computer screen! It was the first time she had ever focused so intently on the boob tube. Since then, we've had to pause movies we're watching if it is time for her to eat, because I feed her on the couch and the couch is across from the computer monitor. She lays on the boppy with her body turned towards me, but with her neck craning to see whatever we are watching!

But I'll be darned if this song ain't catchy.


Kim said...

We love this one! We shared it with my brother awhile ago and while he was with some friends he heard the real version. He started telling them that he heard the song on Sesame Street and it has monsters, ect. He got some strange looks :)

Prouses said...

I showed the video to Bella and she immediately said... "Well, I bet she loves me, because I'm 4"
That's right kid, it's all about you!

Lauren said...

This is so funny because we also watch this video about 4 times a day! We also like the elmo duck song. The last duck at the end cracks me up (my humor has probably digressed since becoming a Mom).

sienna said...

this also got stuck in my head-- very catchy

Dave said...

We love this one, too! Also on Sesame Street, look for Jason Muraz, Norah Jones, REM, and Andrea Boccelli, all parodying their own hit songs.