Monday, April 5, 2010

A perfect Easter

A week ago I might have projected spending Easter in the hospital giving birth, or maybe at home wiping a tiny little butt, but we made it through this weekend without a single contraction, and plenty of energy to enjoy all of the socializing that came with the Easter holiday!

This year, our church's semi-annual Worldwide general conference fell on Easter weekend, so instead of our usual Sunday hours spent in the church building, we spent time on Saturday and Sunday watching the satellite broadcast from the comfort of our own home! Luckily, with egg hunts and brunches and indoor picnics with friends, we still managed to get out and enjoy the 80 degree plus weather and the gorgeous purple, white and pink blossoms that are starting to decorate the fruit trees around town.

This morning we had Easter brunch with a group of friends, and my mom and I became very excited about the food we were going to share. We started off by volunteering to bring fresh fruit, and then ended up adding to our menu molded tri-colored jello eggs and bunnies, and carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

Our small friend Bella with my mom. Below is a part of the breakfast spread. There were gorgeous savories too, but my attention was mostly riveted by the sweets.

Look familiar? Many of our life's happy moments are made in this kitchen. Rebecca and Dan are great hosts, and their space + a group of happy, kind friends gathered around the kitchen table made for a perfect start to Easter Sunday. Below, Marcos shares deep thoughts with Dwight and Aline Prouse.

Dan, Noah and Marcos and bacon and eggs. Mmmmm... Below, Marcos and my mom flank the biggest version of me, ever. Lately, Marcos has taken to sucking in his gut so that my convex can nestle into his concave. Otherwise, we stand about three feet apart, with this big girl in between.

At 40 weeks and 3 days, my feet and ankles are finally starting to retain water and puff up a bit. Why hello, little sausage toes!

And of course, I completely forgot to take pictures at our afternoon lunch party between conference sessions, which was full of more great company and great food. Thanks Becca, and thanks Stan, for hosting a really nice get-together!

Some of my favorite thoughts from this weekend's church conference were the reminders that we celebrate Jesus not primarily on the cross but as he continues to live on the throne, and that it is un-Christian to think that anyone who suffers deserves their suffering. We are looking forward to reading over the talks again to pick up things we missed the first time around. I love hearing the talks that the prophets and apostles prepare for general conference, because they have prayed to know what we personally need to hear. It reminds me that God is not as far away as we sometimes think he is, because there is such thing as modern-day revelation: God is involved with our day to day life, and desires to see us happy. What a great way to spend Easter Sunday...


LagaFamily said...

You poor thing! I hope that little girl comes soon. Looks like you had a lovely Easter. Good luck with your new little baby-she has a great mother! Miss you!

Angela said...

What a fun Easter, esp with your mom! Just hang in there with little Giovanna...

Oh, and I also loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk - he was speaking my language!