Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last words

Marcos is "self-employed" and works as a contractor for his business.

Which means that we pay an arm and a leg every year in taxes: once as the employer and once as the employee. If you are employed by a business and you receive W-2s every year in the mail, thank your employer tomorrow for the heaps of money they saved you by having you on their payroll.

These were my last words today to the check I wrote to the IRS.

Me: "Here you go Uncle Sam, this is one year of my baby's college education".
IRS check: *silence* (out of shame)
Me: "...but it's okay. You'll probably end up paying for her Pell Grants anyway..."


Abbie said...

Umm.... what's happening with your uterus?!?!?! I'm going crazy!

Headle said...

Metta! BABY UPDATE pretty please?!?! We're dying to see that beautiful girl of yours!!! :) (And hear the ins and outs of everything!)

My dad was self employed almost my entire childhood...whew, tax season is not so fun in those cases. I think you both deserve some ice cream after writing a fat check like that! :)