Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brillo Pad Apology

Yoo-hoo! I remember somebody asked me a while ago to bring a brillo pad to their house when I came for a social outing. I said yes I would, and then forgot all about the request until tonight when I was washing the dishes! I can't remember who you were, and I can't remember why you wanted a brillo pad, but I apologize for totally spacing it... I can still help you out if you're in need. Just, please, um, tell me who you are.

In other news, we had our 34 week prenatal appointment today. Giovanna is doing well, and with the guidance of our midwife we were able to press our hands into my tummy to feel her butt (around my middle) and her head (down at the bottom of my abdomen), confirming that she's fully flipped and ready to go... in six weeks, of course. I'm starting to get uncomfortable at night because of the pressure of sleeping solely on my hips, and some days I feel a little achy inside, but in general I am happy to let her sit in there and ripen as long as she wants. A few months ago I was dreading her being overdue because of a potential for gigantoid size, but after running into a friend in the hospital who gave birth at 32 weeks, and hearing her stories of too-long stays in the NICU, I am more than happy to let this girl take her time. When the books tell you that at 26 weeks babies have their senses developed, and that they are opening their eyes, and tasting amniotic fluid and that life is hunky dory, don't believe them. Unless something is wrong and they are not thriving, babies need as much time in utero as possible to prepare them for a healthy, happy life.

Remind me of this fact when I get closer to the due date and start to really feel uncomfortable and antsy, okay? Thanks.

Other things we learned today about Giovanna: her size is within the average range for a 34 week old, which was relieving, as Marcos keeps telling me he was nearly 10 pounds at birth. I also asked our midwife what babies are doing during their active times, because Giovanna is so busy that I call her my little squirrel who gathers nuts. The midwife just looked at us and said, "I think you'd better plan for an active child". I guess we'll be brainstorming on how to "channel" good kiddo energy...


Jamie said...

When you figure out that 'channeling thing' let me know. My kid can already out run me . . . . it is so fun to have an active one! :) That is so exciting that it is getting close!!

Marie said...

34 weeks already????? How does it go so fast????? I'm so excited for you! I would love to see some pregnancy pics!

When KK was in my tummy she was always super active at night, right when I wanted to sleep. Then, when she was born her most active time of the day was at night...always at 10 or 11 pm. So I think their active times in the womb are there most active times after birth.

We can't wait for our sweet niece Giovanna!!!! Yay!!!

Drew and Alicia said...

10 pounds! I'd ask Marcos's mom for birthing advice. She must be a super woman! I will pray for Giovanna to stay within that normal range!

Prouses said...

Yeah... that brillo pad would have really come in handy :)

Headle said...

Metta! You are 34 weeks!! I know its waaaaay too easy for me to say but the last few months have flown by! I can't believe you are sooo close to the end here.

I'm soo soo soo excited for you! It makes me giddy to think of the JOY you will feel when you hold your very own daughter. You and Marcos will be such loving and engaging parents. Giovanna will just adore you both.

It brings back so many memories for me. Drew was born in April too. There is just nothing like a little Spring baby to start the warm summer months off. You will fall MADLY in love all over again!!!!

YAY!! Keep us posted and try to get some rest! :)