Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bonding Time

Today felt so unsatisfying. Marcos and I were together nearly the entire day - at home, running errands, eating food - but I felt like we didn't have the connection moments that I thrive on. Each of us went about in our parallel worlds, one being busy while the other waited, and then switching so that our timing was never quite "on". I frankly spent most of the day being annoyed, and I was never quite sure why.

So tonight we sat down to play canasta and listen to This American Life together. Looking like he'd hatched a plan to try to make me happy, Marcos asked, "What is your favorite memory of us together?". I asked him for more specifics, because after nearly three years of a happy marriage, that's a hard question to answer. "Okay..." he started, "What is your favorite memory of us together that involves a round object?".


I don't think I ever answered the question, but he made me laugh, and it lifted the day's funk off of my shoulders. I'm grateful for the moments when I can see clearly enough to appreciate how incredible, and generous, and loving Marcos is. My mind is sometimes very simple, but I know that there is no richer feeling than being in a very happy relationship.


Lauren said...

You guys are awesome. Sorry, I know that is not very descriptive, but I think every couple knows exactly what you're talking about.

p.s. I hope I didn't scare you with that whole broken tailbone thing. All the nurses said that they had never seen anyone break their tailbone in labor so its not common at all and not something to worry about.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

viva happy marriages

Headle said...

Ha ha ha! That's so cute! You two are a wonderful pair! That little baby girl of yours is incredibly lucky to have such bright, articulate, accomplished, quick witted and loving parents :)