Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas to all!

Dearest Family & Friends,

As we put up our holiday decorations and think about all that has happened since we last found ourselves tangled in Christmas lights a year ago, we can't help but feel that the experiences and adventures of 2009 have made us very rich indeed. Yet above the academic, professional and travel adventures of this past year, we are grateful for the Wise Men in our lives who remind us that none of these successes will ever be as valuable as having success in our family. In April of 2010 we will be welcoming our little daughter Giovanna into the world, and that has become our most important achievement of the year.

We wish you the merriest, most peaceful and simple of Christmases and a Happy New Year!

Lots of Love,

Marcos, Metta & Giovanna on the way

Photography by Darling Art Photography


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

feliz natal

Bush's said...

love that picture and love that apron! you are so talented!