Monday, October 19, 2009

So very, very happy.

I have been so happy lately. I was trying to figure out why, and I think it's a combination of things.

First of all, I feel great. After feeling sick for nearly three months, it is amazing to feel well. There is no substitute in this world for physical health and wellness.

Second, I am working and I love it. I work part time for Rebecca, and it feels satisfying to be part of something hip and happening. It's busy, and I think that secretly I thrive off of a little chaos. I am still learning how to do a lot of things necessary to assist with a photography business, and I am tripped up daily by my clumsiness on a mac, but it is important for me to feel useful and needed, especially as the business launches into the crazy holiday season.

Third, it's autumn. Has anyone noticed? I can't get over it. When I come home mid-afternoon from work and the sun is shining but it's cold outside and the leaves are starting to turn colors and fall from the trees, I just can't help but have a spring in my step. Or even better are those days with RAIN! Yes, the rainy days mean just a few things to me: hot chocolate, and hot chocolate, and maybe a good book.

Fourth, the mood in our house makes me so happy. We have been listening to old school and jazzy Christmas music for a week or two now, and that coupled with the coldness outside, the beginning of coat and scarf weather, and having friends over really puts me in a great mood.

Fifth, the holidays are approaching fast. I think it has something to do with being pregnant, but I am in such a nesting mood! All of a sudden, I want to start ten new meaningful holiday traditions for my family, I want to bake gingerbread, and I want to make holiday gifts. I am reading Something Wicked this Way Comes for a book club and it's making me think that possibly, just possibly, I may even be inspired to find a Halloween costume this year...

Sixth, I have a great husband. He reads to my chubby growing belly at night if he's not too tired, and he switched out the underwear drawers so that mine is on top and I don't have to lean over. He bought me five bags of expensive frozen fruit so that I could make smoothies, and he is just a real winner of a man. At a time in my life when I don't always feel or look my prettiest, I count it a blessing to have a companion who makes me feel gorgeous every second of the day...


Jamie said...

And 7th . . . a pregnant woman's body releases endorphins designed to make her feel peaceful and calm to help the baby's development. I remember my pregnancy was one of the times in my life I was the most consistently calm and happy. Love to hear that things are going so well!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

you LOOK happy!

The Kammeyers said...

What a great picture! You are so photogenic, Metta. Also, I'm glad to hear you're feeling much better, and that your hubby is taking such good care of you. Aren't great husbands the best?! :)

P.S. We'll be out in NC from Dec. 20th - Jan. 3rd... Hopefully that will overlap with at least a day of two of you being in Chapel Hill, because we would love to drive over & visit (and finally meet Marcos!) :)

Natalie Francis said...

Congratulations on the baby news! Its great to see you looking so happy. It is my favorite time of year :)

Rebecca said...

Woohoo! So glad you're happy and that you described Darling Art as "hip and happening!"

I don't know what I'd do without you. I'm so glad you're part of the team!