Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Disc Golfing in the fall...

Last week the Empeys invited us to go disc golfing. For those of you who are as clueless as I was a year ago: it's a sport, a type of golfing that requires throwing a small, hard Frisbee disk down a fairway and into a standing netted basket. The bonus part of the game is that instead of using manicured grassy areas, the courses usually cut right through the forest.

And in North Carolina, the forests are beautiful. We went to a really nice course in Durham, off of a public park, and the colorful fall leaves blanketed the ground. So while the boys played...

...these two monkeys kept Nicole and me busy. I'm secretly in love with Brookston (on the right), but don't tell Everett (on the left) or else he might grow up with a complex. I just have this thing for bad boys, and Brookston is the fuss-pot of the two.

Nicole is so excited to be a mom of twins that she nearly ran the stroller up the hill. It was quite a day of off-roading pushing the stroller through the forest. Nicole and I threw a few discs at the beginning of the game, but we were too accomplished for the men and didn't want them to be discouraged, so we moved on with life, and just enjoyed chatting, hiking through the forest and being outside on a beautiful fall day. Below, my 4.5 month belly. Isn't it amazing that my pregnancy is already half way over?

And here is wildlife in North Carolina. When we got home and looked at this photo I had taken of a (garden?) spider we encountered in the forest, I was so impressed that my camera had picked it up so well. Click to make it larger and to see its hairy legs!

What a great way to spend a fall afternoon outdoors: thanks Nick and Nicole!

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Gibson Gang said...


I love your belly! I had to enlarge the pic to get a better look! You look great. Man, I'm so happy for you - this just fits you so well!