Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Traditions: Treats to the Firefighters!

One of our favorite Christmas Traditions is heading to our friends the Thaynes house to help the kids make treats to take to the firefighters at Carrboro Fire Station.  This year we arranged our party for the Tuesday before Christmas.  I'm pretty sure that I love it more than the kids, and they love it a lot, so that is saying something.

I love these treats because the kids can do nearly all of the work.  They can arrange the pretzels on the cookie sheets, and then can unwrap the candies and place them on top of the pretzels.  The whole endeavor comes out of the oven pretty hot, so Becca and I handled putting the m&ms on the top once the candies were melted soft.  Yum!

And here are Gigi, Livy and Orion at the Fire Station!  The best part of taking the treats to the firefighters is that we always get to say "yes, please!" when a firefighter on duty inevitably offers us a tour of the station.  This year we had the best tour yet, and Firefighter Miles was such a good sport answering all of our questions and offering so much information about being a firefighter.

Each year we do a few new things.  This year we had the chance to peek inside of an ambulance, learn about the magnetic exhaust vacuums in the bay, and check out Rescue Randy!  Rescue Randy is a 185-pound dummy that the firefighters use for training, and I told Firefighter Miles that my friend Becca works out, is extremely buff, and that she could easily throw Randy over her shoulders in a fireman carry.  He didn't believe me.  Then we nudged Rescue Randy a bit and he was really, really heavy.  Thank goodness for firefighters who find clever ways to drag people to safety!

Another awesome Christmas adventure at the Carrboro Fire Station.  Thank you for the tour, Firefighter Miles!

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