Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer of (mainly) Fun

We're on week 6 of my 12 weeks of single parenting this summer, and we're hanging in, but sometimes only by the skin of our teeth.  My survival strategies tend to change each week, depending on what sort of glitches came up the week before.  We've toned down the frenetic activity of the first few weeks, and are trying to have only one or two exciting things each day, cushioned with lots of down time, art time, quiet time, and book time.

For the most part, I think that this summer is contributing to a happy childhood for Gigi and Orion instead of destroying it (although on some days when I am flustered and at the end of my rope, it is a little hard to tell).  We have been to the lake with friends, enjoyed many story times at the botanical gardens, pool days with friends, trips to our local museums, lots of practice riding Gigi's new bike, Monday preschool club, picnicked at a million parks, attended puppet shows, and since we just joined the local Y, I have been leaving the kiddos in the child care so that I can catch a break with a zumba or a kickboxing class here and there.  Since I am usually carrying three or four bags, holding the hand of a 3-year old and pushing a baby in a stroller, there is absolutely no way I can schlep around our good camera.  At first I was disappointed that I was not able to capture our summer activities, but it has actually been relieving not to have great photos.  It is when I have a backlog of photos that I feel inclined to blog, and guess what?  I just don't have very much personal time to blog this summer either.

But speaking of photos.  I have taken a few...

Kissy Gigi with her Papai.  We used to have busy weekends.  Now we try to take it slowly and give Marcos as much time with the kiddos as possible.  I loooove weekends.  Even after a long week at work Marcos spoils me when he is home with our family.  

And here is Gigi's new best friend, Michael.  Every once in a while you score the best neighbors in the world, and we are so lucky this time around!  Michael and his family just moved in a few months ago.  When they first moved in I was sad to hear that they only had a 6-year old boy, but it has turned out to be a great match.  Michael is calm, sweet and very much like an older brother to Gigi, minus the fighting.  When I suggested that we write "Friends" over the rainbow on the sidewalk, Michael said, "No, let's write BEST friends".  

Little Man is all over the place.  This photo was taken a few weeks ago, and already he is so much more stable on his feet than he looks in this photo.  He's not quite cruising, but he pulls up on everything and he is starting to move around a bit.  For being such a darned colicky baby, he has become so even tempered, smiley and lovely.

And that's us!


Unknown said...

Way to go, Metta! I think you are doing a great job! I can understand a fraction of what you are going through since Mike is gone for his business trip this week and I am a single parent myself. My goal is to do one fun thing a day, if at all. Your little guys is getting so big! He is so cute!

melandpeter said...

Sounds like you are doing an amazing job! I am envious of the gorgeous summer weather you're having. I'm sure you're glad you're going through this in summer rather than in the middle of a cold yucky winter where it'd be hard to get out the house! By the way, I've finally started updating my blog. Should start our USA trip posts soon. xx

Unknown said...

Ok, so this made me tear up. I am so enjoying reading your blog. Michael and Gigi really do have fun togother and jow now Orien is big enough to join in. YAY. He is a joy.

Unknown said...

Ok, so this made me tear up. I am so enjoying reading your blog. Michael and Gigi really do have fun togother and jow now Orien is big enough to join in. YAY. He is a joy.