Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sun Bathing

These last two days have been warm enough to pull everyone outdoors.  Even in North Carolina, temperatures in the 70s is rare treat for December days.  These last two days have also been exceedingly good for me as a mother - I think that getting outside with Giovanna has given everyone some space and fresh air.  

Yesterday we went to the park around the corner from our house.  When we were preparing to leave, Gigi asked if we could take chalk and bubbles.  It was odd to be talking about chalk and bubbles in the dead of winter.  

And today was a playdate at my friend Ana's house.  They just moved into a small house with land around it, and they have made the most of their new yard - picnic table, trampoline, a tire swing, chickens, and Santa is bringing a few goats for Christmas.  The girls loved the yard...

...and especially the chickens, which run loose during the day.  The poor teenage chicken is a very hairy variety, and it was hard to tell where it's head was.  This was particularly unfortunate because I would say that 80% of the time it was being carried upside down.  

Thank you weather, for the lovely break from the cold!  Sometimes a little sunshine can be so healing...

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Marie said...

Oh, your Gigi is so, so, so cute! Your warm days sound so fun and so very desirable!