Monday, December 24, 2012

A New Camera at Christmas

A long time ago we decided that when baby number two came along, we would take the plunge and invest in a D-SLR (those big fancy cameras), just so that our second born would not grow up and realize that only five photos exist of his entire childhood.  We figured that if I had a nice camera to play with, I might actually take as many photos of the second child as I have of our first.  

So after almost a year of saving, and months of keeping our eyes open, Black Friday rolled around and Marcos found a ridiculously great deal for a Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera, backpack and lenses, and we took a deep breath and committed to what we hope will become years of successful ventures in the land of photography.  

We've pulled out the new camera as much as possible this holiday season, and it is already a beloved member of our family.  A few days ago we had very warm weather, and we took Gigi to the park where Marcos captured these few images above.

Aren't you excited for the quality of photography in this blog to bump up a few notches?  I sure am.


Lauren said...

Congrats!!! Our rebel is by far one of my favorite purchases ever. But even after taking a photography class, I still have SO much to learn. But you have a natural knack for this stuff so I'm so excited to see all your pictures!

amanda said...

so jealous. but love those pictures you guys too they look so great.