Tuesday, October 16, 2012


In line with my personal mission to always choose my addictions very carefully, I have avoided Pinterest for years because I could see myself enjoying it too much.  When Gigi started preschool last month I finally joined so that I could access the board of free teaching resources that my friend Kristy kept raving about.  Fortunately, the whole format is still a bit over my head, so it hasn't posed a huge waste of time.  


But I did find a few Halloween Projects to keep my hands busy during General Conference.  Little haunted houses made out of milk cartons papered in pages from Steinbeck's The Pearl.  My fingers were loving getting back into some sketching and painting and drawing...  art, it's been way too long.


hayleymaree said...

Those adorable little kisses spread out like pumpkins around the house... yeah, they wouldn't last a day in my house. My craftiness would be eaten so fast! Looking forward to seeing your pins Metta!

Headle said...

Cute!!! I love it! You have always been so artistic, I can't wait to see what else you'll draw! :)