Monday, October 8, 2012

Attending a Birth

When my friend Angela asked me a few weeks ago to attend the upcoming birth of her second baby boy as their (unofficial, untrained) doula, I was so honored and excited to have a chance to welcome her sweet baby into the world, and to be present for that moment when Heaven and Earth touch for a brief moment.  

Last Sunday evening I got the call that Angela's labor was starting to get serious, and at 1:30am I was called to meet them at the hospital in Durham.  I was there by 2:00am, and when I arrived Angela and her husband Aaron were working as a team through some pretty intense contractions.  I'm not sure that "making it look easy" is quite a fair description, since Angela was doing the hardest work she will ever do, but she was so amazing.  For someone a few weeks away from jumping back into the birthing scene, it was inspirational and empowering to be present at a natural birth that was so quick and calm.  After her waters broke in the restroom and she transitioned back to the hospital bed to move into the squatting position, it only took breathing through a few pushes for this beautiful little boy to make his grand appearance.  

At 3:04am little Asher was born.  

It was funny to me looking at my photos the day after Asher's birth, because so many of them are of him crying.  On the contrary, Asher was born a mellow baby, and didn't cry even enough to suit the hospital staff.  I think these photos are of him after he was tickled and prodded a bit, to get him stimulated and annoyed enough to start clearing out his lungs.  

And here is Angela with her new baby boy.  Isn't she just a natural?  Congratulations Angela and Aaron on the addition of a wonderful little man into your family!  The world needs good, mindful, helpful men in the world and you two are just the people to raise them up!

(This photo used with permission.  It was too beautiful not to share.)

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Angela said...

Great posting - you made it sound so magical! It was quite intense and didn't feel that way at some points. I'm glad it was helpful for your preparation for your upcoming birth too.