Friday, February 4, 2011

New Years Resolutions - February chapter

I'm still making New Years Resolutions, even now in February. I think that they are just things I want to change about my life, but I am a firm believer that anything with a catchy title is much more bound to happen, so I file away my goals under "New Years Resolutions" instead of "ways to improve my life".

My most recent resolution is to make every second post about something besides Giovanna and how much I love her, how cute she is, etc. But then after taking these shots yesterday at the park, I thought to myself, "I'll start that next time".

You can see how good I am with goals.

Yesterday Chapel Hill really was the Southern Part of Heaven (our nickname... cute, right?), because while the rest of the country was having ice storms, we had a perfect 70 degrees and a gorgeous, breezy, sunny day. Not to gloat or anything. I ditched my coat in the car and spent a few hours at the park with Gigi and some of our friends.

It was Gigi's second time in a swing and she was sold. The slide was brilliant too, until a boy shoved her so that he could slide down. Don't worry, we'll teach her how to hold her own on the playground.

There is just something about the photo below that just makes me think, "Oh! That's my girl! she's learning how to be social on the playground!"

Then again, Gigi was quick to remind me why I don't bring her to the playground yet. Kiddos that don't walk prefer to sit and eat wood chips, which gets old for the adult in charge of intercepting them half way to the mouth. So, she will be a lap sitter at the park until she is walking, which should be pretty soon!


Marie said...

First of all, she is GORGEOUS!!!! I love all of the cute pictures you posted. And second, I am JEALOUS of your 70 degree weather. I am getting more and more convinced for many reasons that maybe we need to move to Chapel Hill!

bjahlstrom said...

Here in Fayetteville, the weekend was the gorgeous weather. Funny, but one hour south, and it was pretty cold here yesterday!

Gigi is the cutest baby on the planet.

Lauren said...

I like Gigi posts so keep em comin

It is so great when they can actually play at the of my favorite things when I'm not living in the artic tundra.

m.a. said...

How could you not want to post pictures of her in that freaking adorable jacket - she's so cute!!

Heather said...

She's a model! Not that I necessarily approve of child modeling.

While you're having fun at the park, we were trying not to freeze in our 0 degree weather. Our pipes froze, then burst, and then Albuquerque said we had to turn out heat down because they were running out of natural gas. Am I jealous? Very!

Unknown said...

Metta, thanks for posting on my blog. You can snoop around anytime! The concert was a blast – and certainly the last thing in the world that I ever expected. Your family is beautiful! I can certainly see why they would be all you would blog about! Gigi is absolutely precious! Some of my very best friends are social workers, and I envy you your job. I think I would love it, but it takes a special kind of person to do it well. Heaven only knows if I would be that type of person.
By the way, thank you for telling me that you miss grad school. I am sure that I will feel like that someday, but right now I can hardly imagine looking back on this fondly ;) It is just one of those semesters. But I love your idea of fancy titles, so maybe I will make one up for getting through school and just power on through! Thanks for the much needed dose of perspective!

Angela said...

Ha, love the setup for this post... What a darling mom and Gigi!