Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sete, SEVEN, sieben, shichi

Name: Giovanna Vitoria Prieto
Preferred appellation: Gigi

Age: 7 months old yesterday

Hobbies: Moving forward like an inch-worm, putting everything in her mouth, and laughing.

Likes: New toys, chewing on the rubberized spoon as I try to feed her rice cereal, being able to see everything going on, interacting with Auntie Lizzy and the gang, breastfeeding, and the outdoors.

Dislikes: Old toys, new teeth (if her drooling and fussiness are any indication, we may have number one on its way in), being left alone in a room, changing clothes, being put in her crib, having her hair pulled by well-meaning little friends and having her face wiped off.

Talents: Hair pulling, making a "pppppbbbbt" sound with her lips, picking up objects using a pincer grip, and making friends.

Future goals: To be potty trained by 8 months.


Headle said...

Oh my word! Metta!!! Gigi is ADORABLE! She is SO CUTE! What a little sweetie. I just love seeing her joy. She is so happy and cuddly. Her cheeks, oh and her eyes, sparkle!

You are an incredible wife and mother! Its so easy to see how happy she is! She has an amazing family :)

Marie said...

So cute. Just so, so cute!!!

Jenni said...

She is so so so so CUTE!!!
Thanks for sharing your blog with me!