Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Real Life

Real life today meant waking up early after a night of interrupted sleep, because Gigi has decided that she no longer likes sleeping all the way through the night.

Real life today meant that my six hours at work stretched on for what felt like six decades because I was tired and the gray sky outside bathed my office in a sleepy glow.

Real life today meant that a woman at work asked me when I was due, and then told me that she had mistaken me for someone else.

Real life today meant that life has been too busy, or stressful, or full of headaches for Marcos and I to feel connected.

Real life today meant that I put the groceries on the credit card again, just in case.

I love my life, but there is no doubt about it: it is definitely real.


Headle said...

Metta! I think you are incredible at making the REAL moments of your life so beautiful and meaningful! The ins and outs of life can feel less than ideal, but you continue to create such a wonderful, warm life for your family and friends!!!

I'm so lucky to be your friend!

Unknown said...


Heather said...

Sorry it was one of those days. The great thing is that tomorrow always comes! Hope you've had a happy Thanksgiving!