Thursday, July 29, 2010

Motherness is next to Godliness

Motherhood is a uniquely spiritual experience. Being constantly in the service of someone else is a quick way to receive inspiration. It may seem like it's simply a byproduct of being together so much of the time, but there have been many occasions that I feel inspired to do something that is essential for that time and place.

When Giovanna was younger she especially needed my protection and there were numerous nights when I woke up completely out of the blue to catch a need of hers right in the nick of time. One day I awoke from a nap very suddenly to dig her out of the pile of pillows that had fallen around her on our bed, despite our best efforts to keep her safe. I will not forget that soon. It was the last time she slept with us in our bed.

As children of a loving God, I feel like we are privy to spiritual gifts with which to bless each other, when we decide that treating each other well is what we want to do. As a mother, my most important task right now is to raise a healthy and safe baby girl, and it's comforting to have help and inspiration when I come to unchartered territory.


Marie said...

Those pictures of her are so beautiful! I love the angle.

Jaclyn said...

That was the sweetest blog I've ever read and just what I needed to hear. Thanks for the reminder that what we do does matter and even though it seems like the number of dirty bums and hungry mouths will never end, I suspect someday we'll look back on this time and wish we had it back.
I love your GORGEOUS family!