Monday, July 12, 2010

3 month update

Giovanna is three months old, and we love her more and more all the time. If that's even possible.

Within the past few days, Gigi has started to belly laugh when we make silly noises, or when we tickle her sides. It is difficult not to laugh when she is laughing... She also sleeps like a rock through the night, which gives us more reasons to laugh and be happy!

After a good meal, Gigi is usually awake for a while. We try to interact with her for a few minutes, we let her sit with us while we do other things, and sometimes she plays in a bouncy seat that has hanging toys within her reach. We attended a number of pool parties this week, and that bouncy seat totally saved us... I think it's our new favorite thing to carry along. Gigi gets to bat at the toys with her hands, and Marcos and I get to jump into the water together!

This girl is strong. When we hold her under her arms, she stands very solidly and she holds her head up and looks around. Our new favorite development is that she has found her fingers and she knows how to use them. I was nervous at first about her sucking her fingers, because they are impossible to take away at age 9 if your kiddo is still sucking, but it has been amazing. She sucks her middle and ring finger, which I call the "I love you" hold and Marcos calls the "Spiderman" hold, and she is able to soothe herself for hours, literally. She used to scream when she woke up and was hungry, but now we have to check on her after a few hours because it is likely that she has woken up, stuck her fingers in her mouth, and is content and sleepy just sucking her fingers.

And lest we get too comfortable... we have an eight-hour roadtrip in the planning stages, which is sure to throw a wrench in our schedule. Stay tuned!

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The Kammeyers said...

Oh my goodness, Metta, she is sooooo gorgeous! Seriously, it doesn't get much cuter than those bright blue eyes, soft little cheeks & dark hair! :) I love reading up on your Gigi updates. There's so much Aaron & I have to look forward to with our little Logan.

P.S. Did you ever get Giovanna's gift in the mail?? I think that blue would look so cute on her.