Sunday, May 23, 2010


One of my Grandpa Randy's life wishes is to outlive his mother, who died a few weeks after her 100th year birthday party. Unfortunately, Grandpa is 89 years old right now, and with a recent cancer diagnosis and some other health issues, it is very optimistic to think that he will make it that far.

However, one of Grandpa's other health issues is dementia. Over the phone the other day, my mom told me that at a recent doctor's appointment, when asked what year it is, Grandpa confidently replied "two thousand four" and when asked who the President is, he said, "Bill Clinton". Suddenly, all of the pieces fell together in my mind: Grandpa's next birthday party should be in celebration of his 100th birthday! If he doesn't know what year it is, then why not make sure he goes out with a bang? As long as the local newspaper doesn't show up to interview the centenarian and figures out that the the math is screwy, it would be a great way to make an old man happy for a day.

Since then I have been thinking about ways to celebrate my grandpa, and it has led me to think about what I would want to do for my 100th birthday party. My first idea was a swimming pool full of lime jello, but nah, too extravagant. I have finally settled on the same plan I have for my funeral: a lively fiesta, complete with live salsa band, piñatas, watermelon juice, tables of fresh guacamole and other yummy Mexican foods, lots of laughter and lots of dancing. It just seems like such a happy place.

What would you do to celebrate your 100th birthday?


Unknown said...

what a super idea, Metta! Dementia is good for something after all.

I love watermelon juice, too. I want to be at your 100th birthday party. But what would that make me? 108? How much older am I than you?

Well, I have a feeling that dementia is already taking a hold of me, so maybe you could all just celebrate my 100th next year. Make sure you share this idea with my husband...ah...what is his name again?

Unknown said...

Miss grampa Randy. I must have been thinking of him just 2 days ago as the spring bees were buzzing around me. I then had great memories of eating tangerines at the top of the hill above the bees. Happy 100 every day!