Monday, August 4, 2008

Fridays on the Front Porch

In central Chapel Hill, fairly close to the center of UNC Campus, is the old Carolina Inn. Every Friday evening during the summer and fall months the Inn hosts "Fridays on the Front Porch", which is a shout out to bluegrass music. Each week different bands appear in the side yard of the Carolina Inn, and play free concerts for those of us who enjoy that sort of thing.

Last week, we took advantage of the local perks and went with our friends first to the bluegrass concert, and then to the outdoor cinema to see "Kung Fu Panda" on the grass after dusk. Imagine sticky summer evening weather on a grassy hill enveloped in a haze of arosol bug repellent. Add ice-cream, melting. Yes, and a large screen. Awwwww yah!

Marcos in Macro Mode (M cubed) again. There is a space in front of the makeshift stage that is always grass covered with hay, for people to stomp on when they dance. Usually the kids get up there first, and the braver of the adults take lead from their lack of embarrassment... This picture is great because the musicians are in the background with the outline of one of the Inn wings behind them.

Marcos with little Kinsey Hill, the daughter of our new friends. (See below for more pictures... yes, she was the model in my adventures in child photography...).

The Hills. Jason just started his Masters degree at the School of Social Work, and we will even be in classes together this fall! Yes!

Kinsey and the Band.

Nick and Nicole. We'll have to do a blog entry later about them. Just about them.

Being with kid-os always give one the privilege of eating Goldfish crackers at any ol' time.

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